What are the Requirements to Start Pharma Franchise Business

What are the Requirements to Start Pharma Franchise Business – Starting your own pharmaceuticals business is a good decision for those who really want to start their own business. The industry is flourishing and brings you a good opportunity for all those who are seriously considering starting their own business here. Eventually initially starting any business needs to fulfill a few criteria. Medicines business is profitable but also you need to be careful. You will need to meet a few requirements to start the pharma franchise business in India.

What are the Requirements to Start Pharma Franchise Business

The success of your pharma business is solely on the good choice of company. If you have the support of a good company then only good returns are possible in the future. To start your own business of PCD franchise, you will need to collaborate with a good pharma company which can be done by fulfiling their requirments. Before that, you need to fulfil a few criteria to become a franchise owner. In this post by Biofield pharma, we will be discussing, what are the requirements to start pharma franchise business.

Criteria To Be Fulfilled To Be Able To Apply As PCD Pharma Franchise Owner

The pharma business is a respectful work and having a career here is rewarding for anyone who seriously wants to start their own business here. The government is very strict when it comes to medicines business as it involves the lives of the people. Therefore, to apply as for a PCD franchise vendor, you will need to fulfil some criteria put up by the companies. We are sharing you common requirement that is asked by companies for their PCD franchise vendors to fulfil to take up a franchise in any location:

Experience Needed To Apply As PCD franchise Owner

You need to have experience of minimum 3 to 4 years working with a reputed pharma company to start a PCD franchise business.  If you are well experienced in a good post like district sales manager, zonal manager etc then this could be a plus point. Your network with doctors can help you be a priority person by the companies. Even if your qualification does not match their requirement, your good experience can help you earn it.

Qualification Required to Become PCD Franchise Member

Many companies do not as for qualification when it comes to PCD franchise business but some may ask which is usually 12th pass from a recognized board or SSC clear. In cases of pharma franchise, the companies usually ask for a bachelor graduate or equivalent to that.

Minimum Investment Requirement to Start Pharma Franchise 

Capitals and investment is a crucial point. Initially one can start a PCD franchise business with as minimum as Rs 10, 000 as pharma franchise business with Rs 1 lakhs. This all depends on the pharma company. You will need to know the different investment criteria needed to be fulfilled. Always go for a secured pharma company which will help you support in times of struggle via credit or loan facilities. You should be careful in your investment as it could make all the difference. Make wise decisions when investing in any franchise business or any pharma company.

Vacancy and Monopoly Rights

Being prepared for everything can be useless if you haven’t talked about the vacancy in your desired location. Thus, be prepared with a list of places where you can go for PCD franchise. Always go for exclusive rights. A monopoly benefit helps you get better returns and earn more profits. With no competitions for miles, monopoly rights can help you grow better as you will be the sole distributor of that medicine.

List of Pharma Products Available

There have been cases where the company shows you a wide list of products. Thus, you should ask about the available products beforehand to avoid any misleading. Be clear about your PCD franchise requirement before you sign the deal. This will help you solve half of the problem.


The initial requirements may differ from company to company due to the difference of policies and regulations. To gain better profits and have good growth, you will require collaborating with the best pharma company and Biofield Pharma is the best known and most trustable name in the market for PCD franchise business. If you are looking for a good company then Biofield is the best.

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