Unique Promotional Support

BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd has developed unique promotional support down the line for an effective marketing strategy to help recognize our branded products. This support includes Shirts/T-shirts/Sweaters having the biofield logo engraved on them. Having special Manager/Doctor leather bags. Having training manuals for each and every product. It also includes marketing material, Note Pads, Visual Aid (folders), sample catch covers, Visiting Cards, Order Books, Product glossaries, Postal envelopes, Diaries & Calendars, Reminder Cards, bags, and many more. Promotional support is important for its products to increase market share, boost sales, and make more profits. It helps in creating awareness about the brand and leaving an impression in the minds of customers. It helps the business connect with more doctors and chemists in their region. To keep this in mind, BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd has extended full-fledged monopoly rights to its clients, its associates, and franchise partners enabling them to work freely in their region without any competition. We support our franchisee with expertized solutions by the experienced professionals of our Company. All these tools contribute to conducting promotional activities and help to create awareness among people regarding their products. We also have designed training manuals and imparted training by our best faculty team.

The objectives of BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd are to provide patients with high-quality products at reasonable prices for medications in extremely appealing packaging. Only with the aid of a pharmaceutical franchise is this feasible. The purpose of promotional support is to increase public knowledge of our goods and services so that consumers will be drawn to them and make purchases. As a powerful company, BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd is gaining clients that are willing to invest in the business and do business with us on an ongoing basis. When it comes to considering original and unique solutions, our marketing team is in a league of its own. This distinctiveness and tenacious approach assist us in significantly increasing our brand's sales.

In addition to providing pharma franchise marketing help, BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd focuses on innovations, keeping abreast of marketing initiatives, and remaining receptive to criticism from industry insiders. The products we distribute bear our brand name, which significantly broadens the scope. Data is valuable to our marketing staff, and they are allowed to share it with our clients. Effective data helps our clients gain and increase their trust so they can share crucial information with business associations and medical professionals.

Using the most recent and efficient marketing techniques, BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd is improving and working hard to expand alongside our Franchise business partners. It is undeniable that marketing and promotional techniques supplied with the best products can draw customers and generate revenue to fuel significant growth in the future.

Apart from what other companies are giving in promotion, biofield pharma is having unique promotional support:
  • Biofield Pharma provides special shirts/ t-shirts or sweaters for doctor cabin representation as a reputed brand in the market.
  • Apart from MR bags, Biofield Pharma provides special MANAGER BAGS to all the ASM and RSM working pan India
  • In the promotional glossary, all the items we have are of brands like Oliware hot/cold water bottles, Oliware drinking water bottles, leather purses, dr more pan stethoscopes, leather bags, trolley bags, ENT torches, and many more
  • Biofield Pharma provides a complete glossary of products for MR training like what the product is about, Indications, benefits, side effects, and many more
  • Visual-Aid for each and every product representation to the doctors in the tabular form and special slides for Ipads/ pads representation to the doctor's category wise
  • Special product representation for doctor and retail sharing purposes
  • Every festival wishes from the company side for doctors and distributors
  • Special Quarterly, half-yearly and annual schemes on the basis of sales.