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I am pleased to welcome you to the BIOFIED PHARMA PVT LTD family. Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd develops, manufactures, and markets a broad & diversified portfolio of branded more than 950+ products in the segment of ANTIBIOTICS, ANTI-HISTAMINE & ANTICOLD, PAIN MANAGEMENT / ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, ORTHO, GASTRO, PPI, ANTIACIDS, IRON & CALCIUM, CARDIAC & DIABETIC, EYE DROPS/NASAL DROPS, ANTI BACTERIAL & ANTI INFECTIVES, GYANE, PAEDIATRIC, DERMA and many more. Biofield Pharma is an ISO:2008-certified company. We have our own in-house WHO-GMP manufacturing unit HABITARE PHARMA PVT LTD (NON-BETA) under 4 sections TABLETS, CAPSULE, OINTMENT & SYRUP.

Along with that, we have contract manufacturers who are also EU/WHO/GMP certified. These products are made with high-standard quality along with attractive packaging. Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd has been providing patients and customers with uncompromising quality and value for more than a decade. Our formulations are available in the form of capsules, tablets, liquid, gel, capsules, dry powder, injectables, and ointments that are DCGI-approved. Due to our dedicated efforts, support of our Biofield family, and customer satisfaction along with our products and quality, we have swung the curve upwards. The pharmaceutical business in India is being forced to cut fixed costs, boost productivity, and focus resources on core competencies to the country's current market and economic conditions. For our industry, maintaining control over expenses while increasing sales is a challenging balancing act. At BIOFIELD PHARMA PVT LTD, we recognize the value of providing PCD Pharma and business franchises, with a strategic partner who can offer deep expertise, flexibility, integrity, and efficiencies in sales development. Importantly, BIOFIELD consistently takes personal accountability to drive performance, with the highest ethical and compliance standards which our partners demand. Since its incorporation, Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd has improved its competitive position in the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its laser-focused strategy. To address the extensive needs of our client, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists and a well-developed infrastructure.

Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd is a renowned Pharmaceutical Company in India handling allopathic medicines from the manufacturing stage, marketing, supply, and delivery to the patients who are end users through its pipeline of a well-equipped chain of DISTRIBUTORS and experts & professionals of various fields. Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd, its staff, management, and parties involved directly or indirectly constitute a team work and belongs to the Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd family. We are driven by three cores value quality, affordability, and accessibility.The pharmaceutical sector is essential to keeping the global populace healthy assuring their well-being and a higher standard of living. The pharmaceutical sector in India has made a substantial contribution to both the nation's economic development and the health security of its citizens. If we want to make your firm sustainable and future-proof, we need to be aware of and take advantage of a number of trends and opportunities that exist outside of India and in other nations across the world.

More than ever, medications have emerged as a crucial and effective instrument for enhancing population health and, in the long run, lowering healthcare expenditures. That there are now more effective, dependable, and robust treatment alternatives available. BIOFIELD PHARMA PVT LTD is adamant that an expanding variety of ailments may now be properly handled with medication therapy. Because illness prevalence has increased and diagnostic and treatment thresholds have come down, more patients need to be treated. Diabetes is an excellent illustration of this.Not just in terms of revenues, but across the board, we have witnessed progress. Large investments in technology have led to increased cost savings and tighter processes. Stronger compliance is demonstrated by successful audit results. Initiatives are keeping our staff members motivated, engaged, and completely in line with our goal.

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