We Third Party Manufacturing Pvt ltd are engaged in contract manufacturing Services of a wider range of tablets, capsules, and Nutraceuticals. As a leading contract manufacturer in northern India with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with a commitment towards working collaboratively with our customers. We are having the capacity for large-scale production of tablets, capsules.

We uphold quality measures at all stages from material procurement, process optimization, formulation, testing, and stability. Large-scale production capacity and qualified & experienced production and quality control staff are a perfect combination at Third Party Manufacturing Pvt ltd limited for sufficing the outsourcing or contract manufacturing requirements.

Biofield Pharma Pvt. Ltd. motto is ” healthy lives”. It is committed to providing quality branded medicines & generics at affordable prices to patients worldwide aiming to reduce health care costs.

Why Choose Biofield Pharma Pvt Ltd. as the top Pharma Third Party Manufacture

We are also known for being the best supplier as well as distributed. Our manufacturing process holds quality. The unique authorized technology makes our clients satisfied. With the best formulation methods, we are leading as a pharma third party manufacturer. The listed mentioned are the company's main points that will attract you.

  • World Class Unmatch Quality.
  • Expanded Manufacturing Capacity.
  • Multiple Solution For Different Forms For Tablet,capsule,oral,Liquid,Expended Corporation under One Roof .
  • Centrally Located So Speedy Delivery

What are the Documents Required For Investing in a Pharma Third Party manufacturing in Chandigarh ?

Investing in a pharma manufacturing company takes some time and one will need a set of documents as mentioned below. These documents can be applied to the either state or central authority and many of these documents are mandatory to start a pharma business in any part of India.

  • Company profile
  • Copy of resolution for authorization
  • Drug license
  • TIN/GST number
  • Agreement paper
  • Certificate of non-resemblance

We offer a wide range of pharma products that have superior quality and are GMP & certified.

Biofield Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has a good reputation in the medical sector so we cannot tolerate even a minor mistake in the formulation. Hence, a team keeps a strict check on product manufacturing.Our experienced doctors always research new formulation methods and come up with many innovative drugs. We have a systematic work environment that helps to increase work efficiency.

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