PCD Pharma Franchise company in North, South and West Tripura

PCD Pharma Franchise company in North, South, and West Tripura

If you want to start a Pharma Franchise business in North East India then Tripura is the best state to start your startup with because it is the second most developed state and it is also having less competition in Pharma companies as compared to other states of North East India. The Pharma business nowadays is growing as fast as any other business sector as the well-being of the people is solely dependent on medications. We are having numerous kinds of diseases in our environment nowadays and nobody knows how dangerous these diseases could affect a human being, from getting rid of being cured of those diseases it is important that people have access to the best medicines. So it is a known truth that investing your hard-earned money in a Pharma firm will only multiply your capital.

No doubt North, South, and West Tripura are the top-notch locations to start your pharma business. Then there is a doubt swirling in your mind that which PCD Franchise Company you should opt for to gain lots of profit margin. Than no need to worry about, it because the answer to your query is Biofield Pharma Company. Yes, you read it right, it is the best pharma company that will fetch you quality-assured products so that you can run a profitable business for a long time and though increasing your profit margin to an extreme level. Our Biofield Pharma Firm also attains the WHO and GMP manufacturing plants. There is no comparison between the quality of the products and their outstanding packaging.

Our company extends 350+ varieties of medicines and healthcare products covering all segments of the pharma market such as the general range, dental range and cardiac range, and many more. In addition, all of our pharmaceutical formulations have DCGI and FSSAI approval too. So what to wait for? Choose our company and let’s touch the sky together.

Biofield Pharma extends its invites to all those who are interested in a monopoly pharma franchise in North, South, and West Tripura. Get in contact with us now and learn more about our top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in North, South, and West Tripura, and many other remunerative offers. 

PCD Pharma Franchise company in North, South, and West Tripura

Give us a call at +91-9216300566, +91-9216300166, or drop us a mail at info@biofieldpharma.com.



Our company’s sole purpose is to improve people’s health and provide them with world-class medicines so that they get cured of many harmful diseases. Our medications not only help in the treatment of the illness but also increases the immunity of the person so that recurrence of the disease does not happen. The company is a WHO, GMP, and ISO-certified firm that obeys fully all the regulations set forth by the Government of India. Our suppliers are the one’s who could be trusted blindly as we believe in supplying top-notch medicines that also outdo the ones which are sold on at international platforms. Opening your Pharma Franchise in  North, South, and West Tripura could be very beneficial for you from the business point of you as you will get coordinated with the other franchisees too and will also be getting the market knowledge and how prospering this particular pharmaceutical business is. You will also be entitled to lots of beneficial deals as you will be working closely with a large number of logistics and medicinal professionals.



1)Best company having the possession of ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications.

2)Best team and professional suppliers to bring laurels to your business.

3) World-class medications with no hygiene and duplicity issues.

4)The capital required to start the franchise is very less as compared to other franchises.

5)Proper and Safe packaging is also been monitored.

Extensive Range of Products for Pharma Franchise in NORTH, SOUTH AND WEST TRIPURA | Biofield Pharma

One of the best things about Biofield Pharma is that we are equipped with fully developed and functional equipment and also work in a good infrastructure so that we could manufacture the best quality of medicines as curing the disease of our customers is our utmost priority and we can’t lose the trust of our franchisee and our customer’s too. All the medications are checked again and again by our highly qualified professionals before supplying it to our franchisees.

Our well-equipped infrastructure helps us to manufacture large quantities of medicines of high-quality in a short span of time. All the medicines are packaged under the supervision of a professional so that there is not an issue of any alteration in the number of medicines inside the package.Providing our franchisees and our customers with a legitimate product is our company’s first priority. Some of the products range that is supplied by our company is:

1) Cardiac Diabetic Products

2) General medicines

3) Gynae Range

4) Paediatric Range

5) Ortho Range

6) Dental Products

7) Derma Products

8) Ayurvedic Products


Biofield Pharma Firm believes in providing high-class packing facilities for all medications, as because the medicines are meant for ill people and we believe if the medicines are not placed and supplied in a clean way to our franchisees and to our customers then how can we assure our customers that all the medications by our company can cure their illness. The infrastructure where the packing of all the medications is done are having good types of equipment and is constantly under strict supervision.Biofield Pharma has adopted modern Alu-Alu and blister packaging methods among other methods. The following are some of the methods :

1) Our large infrastructure maintains our product secure and unadulterated.

2) The prevention of biological contamination is provided with careful consideration.

3) Use of airtight substances and tamper-evident packaging are used in the creation of every medication formulation.



Some of the benefits of associating with Bio Field Pharma Company are as follows:

  1. Inexpensive business strategies.
  2. We provide generous bonuses and rewards.
  3. Good marketing assistance is provided by our end to our partners.
  4. 100% stock availability and quick dispatch.

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