How Much Investment is Required to Start PCD Pharma Business

How Much Investment is Required to Start PCD Pharma Business – Knowing your capital requirement and meeting those requirements is very important before starting your own pharma PCD franchise business. The pharmaceuticals business is one the profitable industries in the world. It has good earning capacity for all those who really want to start their own venture. Before you start off your preparations, you should have an accurate idea about how much investment is required to start PCD pharma business in India. This not only saves your time and cost but also saves your money in a long and short run.

How Much Investment is Required to Start PCD Pharma Business

Profits are the main driving force but before you can turn to return into profits, you are likely to face problems during gestation periods where business goes through ups and downs.  Planning your investments can help you go through that phase very easily. In this post by Biofield Pharma, we are going to discuss, ‘how much investment is required to start PCD pharma business. We will discuss few important factors, tips, and investment needed to start PCD franchise in India.

Factors That Affect The Pharma Franchise Business

The success and failure of a business depend on different factors. You should do a deep study about the several factors – pros and cons of your location and demands. Doing a deep research will save a lot of energy. Here are the factors that can affect your business in future:

  1. You should know about the current market conditions and economic status of that location. It is best to make some good accurate assumptions for future. This helps you avoid any disturbance in your business.
  2. Try to know about the various demand for medicines in your desired place. This will help you know which kind of PCD franchise you want to take. Different markets grow at the different growth rate and their demand is also different with different rates. Thus, choose the drug market wisely.
  3. Choose the premises and warehousing carefully. Keep in mind the accessibility of sources. If you have good sources then you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Tips To Manage Investment For PCD Pharma Franchise Business

Finance is a big part of your life. You need to take care of the cash flow which can not only is an imporant aspect but also can take your business to next level. Take a look at the financial health of yourself i.e. cash and bank balance or any other source which you will be using to generate capital. You need to divide the finance into three parts:

  1. Initial Investment: One-time investment like buying in bulk, GST registration, Partnership registration etc. They are annual registration or expenses and can extend to lifetime.
  2. Second Invest for Smooth Working: These include your monthly expenses, overhead expenses, finance required to sustain even without generating any profit like rent, electricity bill, the salary of employees etc.
  3. Emergency Money for Crises: To protect against gestation period, you will need to keep some amount as saving for bad time or crisis. Every business is ought to go through ups and downs which can suck all your money. Thus, it is best to prepare for it. You can choose some part of your investment or start to save side by side.

Investment Needed For Starting a Pharma PCD Franchise Business

Now we list you some things that will require your investment in initial cases and to some expend second investment i.e. monthly. You need to0 calculate those expenses on your own basis and then you might come to a good conclusion. If you are B. Pharma pass graduate then you can directly apply for PCD franchise and always make sure that you ask the company about the initial investment they are asking from their members as it plays a crucial role in deciding the investment amount.

  • Accountant Salary or auditor (If)
  • Rent of the premises and warehousing
  • Drug License Number: Estimated Expense – Rs5000
  • GST registration
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration: Estimated Expense – Rs8000 to Rs9000.
  • Employers Salary and Wages for Workers (In case you hire someone for help)
  • Expenses of Doctors, Physician etc. (It is needed to keep good distribution channels)
  • Expenses of Medical Representative, Broker, Distributor, Stockiest or any person appointed (If)
  • Marketing and Promotional Expenses


Collaborating with a good pharma franchise company in India helps you save time, money and energy but also provide you value. Biofield Pharma is the best pharmaceuticals company in India to provide you genuine deals of Franchise across India at genuine investment. I hope the article was beneficial to you.

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