Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, and Sivaganga– Opening a PCD Pharma Franchise will be a wise decision. There are numerous established pharmaceutical companies that provide franchise services. However, working along with the best pharma franchise company in India, Biofield Pharma, we are able to offer you 300+ lists of medications at the most affordable prices. On a monopolistic basis, we provide you with the Top PCD Pharma Franchise company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, and Sivaganga. The range of tablets, capsules, syrups, injectables, oral suspensions, powders, ointments, etc. that you can own is endless. For franchise enterprises in the lovely cities of Ramanathapuram, Perambalur, and Sivaganga, our organization is seeking devoted and diligent employees.

The highest form of quality, efficacy, and durability is a feature at Biofield Pharma. Years of experience have helped us grow our associates across the nation. This time we are looking for dedicated members for the Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Ramanathapuram, Perambalur, and Sivaganga. Many people are associated with us over here and are enjoying great benefits. By being our member, you get multiple benefits like monopoly-based rights, affordable pricing, quick delivery, constant growth, profits, etc. Our company completely supports ventures with limited investment turning them into great success over time.

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram and Sivaganga

For the Best Top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, and Sivaganga, we warmly welcome motivated and hardworking pharma experts. You can reach out to us at any moment for more information about the pharma franchise opportunity with our organization. Please contact us by phone at +91-9216300566 or by email at

Top Pharmaceutical Company- Biofield Pharma

A wide variety of pharmaceutical medications are produced and marketed by Biofield Pharma. As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, we have consistently made investments in product quality and satisfying our customers’ increasing demand. Our goal is to completely satisfy each and every customer. To do this, we offer a number of innovations, as well as professionalism and transparency to our customers. Aside from this, the facility where we manufacture our high-quality pharmaceutical items is set up on a large, open plot of land and has several sections for different types of tasks. This pharmaceutical franchise company in Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, and Sivaganga places a strong emphasis on improving the health of our population.

Below given are some characteristics of our company:

  • For the sake of quality, all of our items are made using cutting-edge technology.
  • Our company’s R&D team consistently develops a cutting-edge and potent line of pharmaceuticals.
  • In Perambalur, Ramanathapuram, and Sivaganga, the PCD Pharma Franchise offers 300 pharmaceutical products at affordable costs.
  • Our business employs talented and professional individuals who go above and beyond to make agreements successful.
  • Our ability to conduct extensive marketing in a short amount of time and expand the business is a result of the hard work of our employees.

Certified Pharma Products at Affordable Prices

The best product lineup in the sector is offered by Biofield Pharma. Our business uses extremely cutting-edge technologies in its production facilities to help produce our high-quality goods. We only put our items on the market after thorough testing and ISO and DCGI certification. The following medical specialties are covered by our products, which come in tablet, capsule, topical, syrup, injectable, soft gel capsule, and other forms.

Pediatric Range

  • Levocetirizine 2.5 mg + Montelukast 4 mg
  • Paracetamol 250 mg+ Phenylephrine 2.5 mg + Chlorpheniramine 2 mg
  • Cefixime 50 mg + Ofloxacin 50 mg
  • Cefpodoxime Proxetil 50 mg

General Range

  • Cefuroxime Axetil 500 mg
  • Amoxycillin 500 mg + Clavulanic Acid 125 mg
  • Deflazacort 6mg
  • Amoxycillin 500 mg + Clavulanic Acid 125 mg + Lactic Acid Bacillus 60 million Spores
  • Pantoprazole 40mg

Gynae Range

  • L-Arginine 3 mg + Proanthocyanidins 75 mg
  • Prebiotic + Probiotic
  • Vitamin D3 60000 IU
  • Lycopene + Multivitamin + Multimineral

Cardiac Diabetic Range

  • Telmisartan-40 mg
  • Telmisartan 40mg + Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg Tablet
  • Atorvastatin 10 mg

Derma Range

  • Methylprednisolone 8mg
  • Diclofenac Sodium + Linseed Oil + Methyl Salicylate + Menthol
  • Bilastine 20 Mg + Montelukast 10 Mg
  • Acebrofyline 200 mg + Montelukast Sodium 10 mg + Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 120 mg
  • Betahistine 16 mg

Cost-Free Promotional Backup for Starting a PCD Pharma Franchise Business

All power experts, medical professionals, and businesspeople are invited to join the PCD franchise and benefit from our top-notch products and services. The top pharmaceutical company, Biofield Pharma, offers franchisees free marketing resources to aid in spreading the word about their enterprises in the areas they choose. For additional revenue and profit, we additionally provide our clients with certain advertising support, such the following:

  • Working bags
  • Visual Aid
  • Visiting cards
  • Discount Coupons
  • Small gift articles
  • Diaries
  • Reminder cards
  • Brochures
  • Product cards
  • Writing Pads

Contact Information:-

Name: Biofield Pharma

Address: S.C.F. No. 377, First Floor Motor Market, Sector 13, Chandigarh, 160101

Phone: +91-9216300566 


  • SCF 377, Sector 13 Chandigarh - 160047
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