Softgel Section

30049099 BETERCAL ( IN DRUG) Calcitrol 0.25 mcg + Cal. Carbonate 500 mg + Zinc
7.5 mg
30049099 BETERCAL K2 7 ( IN DRUG) Calcium carbonate 500mg + zinc 7.5 mg + magnesuim sulphate 50 mg + Calcitriol 0.25 mcg
+ Vitamin K-27 45 mcg + Methylcobalamin1500mcg + L methyl Folate 800 mcg
SOFT GEL CAP. 10*1*10
21069099 BETERCAL K2 7 ( IN
Calcium citrate maleate 425mg +Calcitriol 0.25mcg
+ Boron Proteonate 1.5mg+ Methylcobalamin 750 mcg + Folic acid 400mcg+ Vitamin K-27 45MCG
SOFT GEL CAP. 10*1*10
29362390 COQFINE Co-Enzyme-Q10 100 mg + Lycopene 10 mg + Vit. B1 10 mg + Vit. B2 10 mg + Vit. B6 2 mg + Vit. E
12.5 mg
30049099 Clivago Clindamycin 100 mg + Clotrimazole 100 mg 10x1x7 (Blister)
30049099 FAIRGEST 200 Natural Micronised Progesterone 200 mg SOFT GEL CAP. 10*10
21069099 GINPAC Ginseng 42.5 mg+ Vitamin +Minerals SOFT GEL CAP. 10*10
2936 MULTIGET-G5 Omega 3 Fatty Acid 90 mg + Green Tea Extract 10 mg + Ginkgo Biloba 15 mg + Garlic Extract 0.4 mg
+ Ginseng 42.5 mg + Grape Seed Extract 10 mg + Antioxidants + Vitamins + Minerals + Trace
29362390 MYCOPENE CAP Lycopene 7500 mcg + Adenosylcobalamin 250 mcg + Vit. A 2500 I.U. + Vit. C 50 mg + Vit. E 10 I.U.
+ Sodium Selenate 25 mcg + Zinc 27.45 mg
30049099 OSTANU D3 SOFTGEL Vitamin D3 60000 IU SOFT GEL CAP.
30049099 OSTANU D3 SOFTGEL Vitamin D3 60000 IU SOFT GEL CAP.
21069099 OVAGEM EPA 90mg+ DHA 60mg + Methylcobalamin 1500mcg + Folic Acid 5mg + Pyridoxine 6mg HCL SOFT GEL CAP. 10*10

Pharma Softgel Capsules for Pharma PCD Franchise Business

The pharma industry is showing tremendous growth in over the passing years. The industry is reaching to its new height and providing the ample of business opportunities to all the career seekers. Capsules are the branch of medicine that is widely consumed by the people. We, Biofield Lifesciences deals in a wide range of pharma softgel capsules for pharma PCD franchise business. The production of our capsule range takes place under WHO and GMP certified units.

Biofield Lifesciences is one of the top pharma franchise company that is specialized in providing high-quality pharma products. Our capsules range covers fish oil, softgel capsules, soft gelatin, acidity capsules, etc. Each and every capsule formulation is produced by using fine active ingredients and rich resources. If you want to invest in pharma softgel capsules for pharma PCD franchise business then Biofield Pharma is the right company.

Have a conversation with our team of experts and get all the information about our franchise services and products. We are always here to serve you with the best quality products and pharma PCD franchise opportunity.

Market Demand for Capsules in India

As compare to tablets capsules are very easy to swallow and they also overcome the limitation of being rigid. The capsule is an oral dosage form that is made from gelatin and is in the form of a shell or container which contain drug inside it. There are two types of capsules are produced i.e,  hard and soft and in this article we are talking about softgel capsules.

In 2018 the capsule market size of India was about $1.95 million and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4%.  By the year 2023, it is anticipated that the Indian capsule market will reach $2.79 billion. Therefore we can say that investing in capsules range for PCD franchise venture will prove quite beneficial to you.

Perks of Investing in Softgel Capsules Range Pharma Franchise in India

Before starting your own PCD franchise venture it is quite essential to do proper research. Well in case of softgel capsules you don’t need to think twice as this dosage formulations have quite good demand and also offer great business exposure. Below listed are some of the benefits of investing in softgel capsules range PCD pharma franchise:

  • Have an independent franchise business with no or one staff.
  • The growing awareness among the general public regarding medical products is increasing the consumption of capsules.
  • In less investment, you get to earn a good profit margin.
  • By investing in the company like Biofield Pharma you will get the chance to deal in superior quality softgel capsules range.

Join Hands With Biofield Pharma for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

Biofield Lifesciences has set the benchmark in providing the innovative, effective and quality range of products. The company practices ethical behavior and transparency with all its clients. We provide our PCD franchise services all across the country with the help of extensive distributors. More than 300+ associates have joined hands with us because of our professionalism at work. Below mentioned are the franchise services offered by us:

  • Regular incentives and bonus on meeting the annual targets.
  • Free of cost various promotional materials such as visual aid, visiting cards, diaries, brochures, written pads, calendars, pens, MR bags, reminder cards, etc.
  • Our associates get the best marketing support from our end.
  • Timely delivery of products and availability of stock all the time.
  • Best quality packaging material is used to avoid contamination.
  • Quality assurance and quality control measures are followed by us.
  • SCF 377, Sector 13 Chandigarh - 160047
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