PCD Pharma Franchise in Chatra, Bokaro & Chaibasa (West Singhbhum)

PCD Pharma Franchise in Chatra, Bokaro & Chaibasa (West Singhbhum) – Biofield Pharma is the biggest pharmaceutical company that has an extensive range of topmost quality products. Our products are highly safe for the patients making us the most trusted PCD Pharma Franchise in Bokaro, Chatra, & Chaibasa (West Singhbhum). The research and development team that we have employed in our units are highly skilled and have great knowledge about the formulation that they manufacture.

The ISO-GMP verified company, Biofield Pharma, is the leading PCD Pharma Franchise in Chatra, Bokaro & Chaibasa (West Singhbhum). We are committed to offering the most innovative and sophisticated assortment of Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syrups, Softgel, and lotion, along with other products. In addition, we provide franchisees, as well as distributorship of our pharmaceutical products on a PCD franchise basis, with monopoly rights in certain locations.

PCD Pharma Franchise in Chatra, Bokaro & Chaibasa (West Singhbhum)

To learn more about our firm or our agreements, please contact us at +91-9216300566, +91-9216300166, or info@biofieldpharma.com.

Top Pharma PCD Franchise Company – Biofield Pharma

With our years of experience, we have done business and promised our clients that we would deliver them the best products and pharmaceutical chances. Every drug is thoroughly prepared in-house utilizing cutting-edge technology and made of dependable compositions that will combat a variety of conditions. We adhere to ethical business procedures so that our clients never have a reason to complain. Here are the main reasons why you must connect with Biofield Pharma:

  • We have the best machinery in our manufacturing units
  • The storage warehouses of the company are widely spacious and highly clean.
  • Our company offers special monopoly rights and cost-free promotional support
  • We have partnered with the trusted logistic team who helps us in the timely delivery of the stock.
  • We employ the best packing techniques to protect the contents from leakage, spoiling, or spillage.

WHO-GMP Verified Pharma Product

Biofield Pharma gives prime preference to the quality of our products. The raw extracts that we source from our vendors are 100% pure and safe. Our production units are highly furnished and are employed by the best and most experienced research and development team. We offer products in various formulations like tablets, capsules, topicals, injectables, soft gel capsules, syrups, etc. The medicinal ranges that we cover include:

  • Derma Products
  • General Range
  • Cardiac Diabetic Products
  • Ayurvedic Products
  • Pediatric Range
  • Dental Products
  • Ortho Range
  • Gynae Range

Promotional Support Offered by Biofield Pharma

Biofield Pharma offers a diverse range of promotional and marketing solutions to our PCD/pharma franchise owners throughout India. Our products were created by experts such as graphic designers, pharmacists, and informed individuals. They are tempting to everyone looking for a good selection of promotional materials. In our tool list, we attempted to include all possible items. Here are a few examples:

  • Chemist Order Book
  • Company Letterhead
  • Visiting Cards
  • Final Sample with Products
  • Free Sample Kits
  • Marketing Bag
  • Promotional Literature
  • Reminder Cards
  • Detailed Visual-Aid 
  • Postal Envelope
  • Promotional Gifts like Pens, Calendars & Diaries
  • Visual Profile for Company etc.

What are the requirements to collaborate with Biofield Pharma?

Many rules and regulations govern the marketing and trade of pharmaceuticals, medicines, and pharmaceutical products in the pharmaceutical sector. You must register yourself with the appropriate authorities. You must be legally qualified to qualify for pharma distribution and wholesale enterprises, such as a franchise. The following are the licenses and paperwork required for acquiring a pharma franchise in India:

  • A drug marketing license is required.
  • You must be registered with the GST network.
  • If you work for a partnership firm, you should be legally bound.
  • Documents copied following company standards and rules
  • You should have documentation proving ownership of the property.
  • If you are a Pharma franchisee, you must have a suitable marketing agreement with that company. 

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