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Every Year Biofield Pharma spends valuable time & effort in doing activities across the globe. These activities include Pharma Expo Flair's participation, Business Excellence Award 2022, Participation in India’s Premier Pharma & Lab Expo in Mumbai & Various participation at District Levels also. These participations we do for BRAND RECOGNITION in the market. Reputed doctors already know us and work with us in the name of the quality and service we deliver

In the past nearly 26 years ago, we worked in the pharmaceutical industry. With the names BIOFIELD PHARMA, STELON BIOTECH, INTEGRAL LIFE SCIENCES, HABITARE PHARMA PVT LTD, and EXCELCIA PHARMA, we are a well-known brand in the marketplace. Our business has ISO:2008 certification. A brand of your product is a unique recognition of the values the product has. In the pharma industry, due to a lot of competition in the market and entering generic medicines, it becomes essential to manufacture & supply the branded products only to ensure quality, trust, and dependability amongst all people from the top to the bottom line where patients are the end-users. A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or combination of all these parameters so that your product is identified and the services of one seller or group of sellers to make it unique from other sellers.

BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd has a strong belief that we live in a world of branded products and services. Every day, we are exposed to a plethora of brands right from dawn to dusk. Ironically, we interact with brands more than humans in a single day. Since the dawn of the history of mankind, there has been a desire to establish one’s identity separate from those of fellow human beings.

BIOFIELD Pharma Pvt Ltd believes that brands are more about building relationships. If we want to grow our company to heights, it is impossible to achieve the goal without branding our products. It is an interrelationship where continuous feedback is provided and changes are made to the products. Differentiation in branding is about perceptions. You need to position your company or product in the minds of your audience differently from competitors. To keep all these important benefits of branding, BIOFIED Pharma Pvt Ltd has developed nearly 1000 branded pharma products, in almost all segments describing the name of the brand, description of the product, benefits, indication of the product, side effects, dose of administration, precautions to be taken while using a particular product.

These products are manufactured and supplied in various formulations like tablets, lotions, capsules, injections, sprays, creams, etc. These branded products are attractively packed in high-quality packing material.

BIOFIELD Pharma is of the view that you need to cultivate your brand. The brand itself does not exist in a vacuum, it needs franchisees, clients, customers, doctors, and most essential patients who are to consume your product. You need to build an ecosystem around it. Branding has given the Company lot of benefits in increasing sales, building trust, and gaining physicians’ trust to prescribe the branded pharma product rather than its generic counterpart.

Branding your company means you build an established brand for which consumers believe there’s no substitute. It forms a cult-like follow When you brand your business, you create a name for which buyers perceive no substitute. It creates cult-like fans of your branded medications. Branding your company will single you out apart from the competition. Leading to higher annual revenues and profitable product launches. It is the only weapon to render the competition irrelevant.

Our Approach

Strategic partnerships are an integral component of the company's growth strategy. Biofield Pharma is focused on developing products with significant barriers to entry and longer life cycles. We continue to build and foster strategic business alliances with major pharmaceutical companies, specialty drug delivery companies, and other product and service providers.

Achieving a successful partnership can present a number of challenges for many pharmaceutical companies. However, Par Pharmaceutical’s nimble organizational structure

promotes decisive action and first-to-market status, helping to make partnerships run more smoothly.

promotes decisive action and first-to-market status, helping to make partnerships run more smoothly.

Among the industry-differentiating qualities Par Pharmaceutical brings to every partnership, the collaboration includes:

Collaborative culture and active involvement of key decision-makers early in the process

Business development, licensing, and legal expertise

Sophisticated in-licensing and intellectual property teams

Efficient launch execution with supportive distribution programs

Strong distribution relationships with US retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, managed care organizations, mail-order pharmacies, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), and Specialty Pharmacies


For specialty pharmaceutical product development companies, we use a variety of deal structures, ranging from fee-for-service to profit-sharing collaborations. Our portfolio and newproduct partnering strategy is focused on first-to-file opportunities as well as challenging products with unusual barriers to entry.

All production is carried out in WHO/GMP-certified units. Our company provides Visual Aids, LBL, Reminder Cards, ASM Bags, Order Books, Pads, and Gift Articles as part of our marketing strategy. Our company keeps all Franchise and Business Associates well-informed about product information and new launches. We provide full support by Advertising in Leading Medical journals and Medical Indexes like IDR, Drug Today, ADR, etc. Incentives are available for meeting annual targets. Monthly Promotional Scheme is a unique offer by BIOFIELD PHARMA PVT LTD
Third-Party Manufacturing - Contract Manufacturing

As a leading contract manufacturer in northern India with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with a commitment towards working collaboratively with our customers, We are the capacity for large-scale productions of tablets, capsules, dry syrups, syrups, neutraceuticals, and injections. The motto is 'for healthy lives. It is committed to providing quality branded medicines & generics at affordable prices to patients worldwide aiming to reduce healthcare costs. We uphold quality measures at all stages from material procurement, process optimization, formulation, testing, and stability. Large-scale production capacity and qualified & experienced production and quality control staff are a perfect combination at BIOFIELD PHARMA PVT LTD for sufficing the outsourcing or contract manufacturing requirements.

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