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Biofield Pharma itself is a TRADEMARK registered, ISO 9001: 2008 company. BIOFIELD PHARMA PVT LTD has got a trademark registry for each and every product. Since our Company is doing distribution business and has a concern about the health of people, Biofield Pharma has registered each product and got a trademark to maintain the quality in the market and to ensure that our branded products are reached and consumed by the patients in the right manner. Pharmaceutical trademarks are significant because they have a direct bearing on matters of public health and make it easier for customers to find the products they desire from any part of the country. Keeping in view to monitor the quality, we considered important aspects for getting trade mark for our products.

The trademark's goal is to protect the mark's originality and uniqueness. BIOFIELD PHARMA has noted that many nurses, doctors, and other practitioners find it challenging to remember or spell common names due to the similarity of several generic names for drugs in the same category. Healthcare professionals use specific Trademarks for each pharmaceutical drug to ensure that the right medication is given to patients. So, we have a dedicated R&D Team which ensures:

  • The uniqueness of the brand name.
  • The Brand name is depicting the product usage.
  • The artwork is designed to solve the purpose of branding.
  • We make sure that it is easy to carry on the pen for doctors to write.
  • Helps in finding the same brand all across the country.
  • Helps in registering the brand names in the state-wise associations.
  • The product’s trademark registration maintains all the above challenges.
  • This enhances the reputation of the industry and encourages pharmaceutical firms to maintain high standards. Any possibility of an error or mistake in a medicine's nomenclature, such as names that sound the same or are similar, or any similarity in marketing tactics, packaging, etc., may influence a patient's decision to buy, whereas choosing the wrong medication can be fatal. Since public welfare and health are of the utmost importance, courts are stringent in this regard and exercise special attention when assessing issues relating to the pharmaceutical business. Due to the ongoing development in this business, one of the largest participants in trademark filing applications globally is the pharmaceutical industr

    The usage of trademarks will enable BIOFIELD PHARMA to keep an eye on the security of its current medication. We would be unable to tell whether their medicines were involved based on reports of side effects that only cited the drug's common name if a trademark had not been used. If the manufacturers in question could be identified by pharmaceutical trademarks, a costly investigation might be avoided.

    Most of the time, people are reluctant to transfer from their preferred branded medication to a generic alternative. Some customers may display brand loyalty due to the sense of security they receive from using a well-known branded medicine. The beginning of direct-to-customer advertising in India has also made it possible for users to immediately learn about the availability of specific remedies for their medical conditions.

    BIOFIELD PHARMA is concentrated on the development and innovation of its products. But by separating their products from generic manufacturing companies, the Company has got trade mark for every product, and branding is done after a lot of research-based proofs in the Pharma industry. BIOFIELD PHARMA has been utilizing development and innovation as a growth driver and making exceptional yields on investments. For the pharmacy business, innovation is inseparable from growing new meds and getting approval from public authority specialists i.e. government authorities. To guarantee benefits and better net revenues, BIOFIELD PHARMA has been making enormous investments in R&D. All our efforts prove abortive if we do not get trade mark for our Pharma products for the right and authentic medicines by the patients.

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