300490 ACTZONE Cefoperazone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg INJ. 1.5
30049099 AMALGARD IV Rabeprazole 20 mg INJ. SINGLE VIAL
300490 DECAPRIDE-50 MG INJ Nandrolone Decanoate 50 mg INJ. 1 ML DISPO
300490 FAIRGEST 200 INJ Natural Progestron 200 mg INJ. VIAL DISPO
30049039 GIVPEP-40 INJ Pantoprazole 40 mg INJ. 40
30049039 GIVROSE INJ Iron Sucrose 20 mg INJ. 5*1 ML AMP.
300450 MAXICARB FORTE Part-1 Vitamin C 150 mg/ 1.5 ml
Part-2 Mecobalamin 25 mcg + Folic Acid 0.7 mg + Niacinamide 12 mg/ ml
INJ. 1.5 + 1
300450 MAXICARB FORTE Part-1 Vitamin C 150 mg/ 1.5 ml
Part-2 Mecobalamin 25 mcg + Folic Acid 0.7 mg + Niacinamide 12 mg/ ml
INJ. 1.5 + 1
PACK ( With Syringe
300450 MAXICARB PLUS INJ Methylcobalamin 1500 mcg + Pyridoxine HCl 100 mg + Niacinamide 100 mg + Benzyl Alcohol 1.5 % v/v INJ. 5*2 ML AMP.
300490 OMIKASET-500 Amikacin 500 mg INJ. 2 ML VIAL
300490 VOMICAP INJ Ondansetron 2 mg INJ. 2 ML AMP.
300410 XONEJET 1GM INJ Ceftriaxone 1000 mg INJ. 1 GM
30041090 XONEJET 1.5GM INJ Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg INJ. 1.5
300410 XONEJET TZ-1.125 Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + Tezobactum 125 mg INJ.

Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise

In the pharmaceutical industry, injections are high in demand by most individuals. Injections are commonly used to provide rapid relief from a chronic and acute illnesses. Dengue fever, jaundice, HIV, and a variety of other illnesses have to be treated using injectables. In the pharmaceutical business, the demand for injectables is at an all-time high and many pharma professionals are looking for a firm that specializes in injectable product ranges in India. The best and most reputed company for Injectable Range for PCD Pharma franchise which offers the reputed business for liquid and dry injections at reasonable prices.

Biofield Pharma is one of the leading pharma companies which offers the top injectable range for PCD Pharma Franchises in India. We are an ISO-certified injectable franchise company that offers a wide range of international standard-approved injectable products. Our injection has been identified as the best injectable PCD Pharma Franchise in the pharmaceutical business since we deal with products that are created in a variety of criteria. With the help of injectable PCD Franchise, by offering monopoly rights, marketing strategies, promotional tools, and incentives.

Scope for Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise

As the high demand for injectables is rising in the industry and the scope of investing in this range is also becoming huge as the drugs which come in this segment are available at low prices and offer a huge margin profit to their customers. The Pharma industry is costly asking for the deliveries of injectables.

For most diseases, injections are prescribed therefore investing in Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise is a great deal. Nowadays, people are favouring injectables rather than using drugs as they show faster results as compared to oral medicines. Keeping this in the mind has enhanced the necessity of patients’ medications. Here are some reasons for the huge demand for injectable range;

  • People prefer injectables and invest a good amount of money to get a quick time.
  • For most surgeries, injections are prescribed by healthcare professionals.
  • It is demanded in every medical sector which shows it will be easy to sell in the pharmaceutical market.

Quality Range of Injectables for PCD Pharma Franchise:

Biofield Pharma has prioritized the quality and effectiveness of this drug and our company meets the international quality measures for granting its clients the quality of injections range in all the given treatments by us. With the best guidance of our experts, we have established certain quality parameters in our company, which are completely made in assurance to all our medicines and healthcare products. When it is regarding our Injectable Range for the PCD Pharma Franchise, the quality of the products is never compromised on our side. Following are the quality parameters that Biofield Pharma follows for the quality of products;

  • Accurate Compositions
  • Effectiveness
  • Purity
  • Reliability
  • Long shelf life

Benefits of Investing in Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise

Biofield Pharma helps you to make your business stand out among the others in the best possible way and reduces the marketing engagement that you can easily get excess in the pharmaceutical market without wasting your precious time. Other advantages of collaborating with us are we are also a reputed third-party manufacturer in India that offer affordable manufacturing services around the nation. Here are the benefits of being our partners for Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise;

Best quality injectables on time – With the help of our professionals and modern technologies which we have installed on our manufacturing units and offer the best quality injectable ranges in less time.

100% customer assistance – Our team offers 24X7 support to its clients so there can have an easy business and can get all the solutions they might be facing in the business. Once you get associated with us then your problems are our problems.

Exclusive Monopoly Rights – These rights help our clients to establish themselves easily in the pharmaceutical market as these rights can reduce market competition of our partner.

What makes Biofield Pharma a Top Company for Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise?

Biofield Pharma is the top PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India and is devoted to making the nation a better place by offering great treatments in the pharmaceutical industry, the firm makes sure to use high-quality raw materials and pure chemical extract to create a specific drug range that is safe and better for patient use. Following are the reasons that make us the best Injectable Range for PCD Pharma Franchise;

  • Ability to deliver bulk injectable drug range in less time.
  • Ensures airtight and leakage-free packaging of drugs.
  • Linked with the best distribution channels for on-time delivery facilities.
  • Backed by experienced experts and professionals and a team of experts to help us to offer service at an affordable price.
  • We are an ISO-certified company that also makes use of WHO-GMP units for quality manufacturing for the injection range.


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