PYREGEM-l. V. Infusion
Paracatamol 1000 mg

Paracetamol is a non-opiate para-aminophenol derivative that exhibits analgesic and antipyretic activity. The
precise mechanism of the analgesic and antipyretic properties of paracetamol has yet to be established; it
may involve central and peripheral actions.

Paracetamol IV provides onset of pain relief within 5 to 10 minutes after the start of administration. The peak
analgesic effect is obtained in 1 hour and the duration of this effect is usually 4 to 6 hours. Paracetamol IV
reduces fever within 30 minutes after the start of administration with duration of the antipyretic effect of at
least 6 hours.


Pyregem solution for infusion is indicated for:
i.) short-term treatment of moderate pain, especially following surgery
ii.) short-term treatment of fever when administration by intravenous route is clinically justified by an urgent need to treat pain or hyperthermia and/or when other routes of administration are not possible.


Intravenous use

Pyregem solution for infusion should not be mixed with other medicinal products Paracetamol 1 g per
administration, i.e. one 100 ml vial, up to four times a day.

The minimum interval between each administration must be 4 hours in patients without hepatic impairment.
The maximum daily dose from all sources of paracetamol must not exceed 4 g. The paracetamol solution is
administered as a 15-minute intravenous infusion, it contains no antimicrobial agent, and is for single use in
one patient only.

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