Sodium Picosulfate 5 mg


Sodium Picosulfate is a locally acting laxative from the triarylmethane group, which after bacterial cleavage in
the colon, has the dual action of stimulating the mucosa of both the large intestine causing peristalsis and of
the rectum causing increased motility and a feeling of rectal fullness. The rectal effect may help to restore the
“call to stool” although its clinical relevance remains to be established.


After oral ingestion, sodium picosulfate reaches the colon without any appreciable absorption. Therefore,
enterohepatic circulation is avoided. By bacterial cleavage the active form, the free diphenol, is formed in the
colon. Consequently, there is an onset of action between 6 — 12 hours, which is determined by the release of
the active substance from the preparation. After administration, only small amounts of the drug are
systemically available. Urinary excretion reflects low systemic burden after oral administration. There is no
relationship between the laxative effect and plasma levels of the active diphenol.


Constipation of any aetiology and bowel clearance before surgery, childbirth or radiological investigations.


For oral administration
Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor, the following dosages are recommended: Adults and children
over 10 years:

One to two 5m1 spoonfuls (5 -10mg) at night

Children under 10 years:
Not to be taken by children under 10 years without medical advice.
Children (4-10 years):

Half to one 5m1 spoonful (2.5 — 5mg) at night

Children under 4 years:
The recommended dosage is 250 micrograms per kilogram body weight.
In the management of constipation, once regularity has restarted dosage should be reduced and can usually
be discontinued.

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