OSTANU Tablets

OSTANU Tablets
Calcium Citrate 1000 mg + Magnesium 100 mg + Zinc 4 mg + Vitamin D3 200 I.U.


There are many types of calcium supplements available today. The most common forms of supplemental
calcium include calcium citrate, calcium carbonate, and calcium phosphate. Some food products are fortified
with calcium lactate, Calcium gluconate, calcium maleate or calcium citrate-maleate. Although the different
forms of calcium have similar names, they are not the same. Choosing a supplement can be confusing if you
don’t have the facts.


Only calcium citrate and calcium citrate maleate are soluble in water. All other forms of calcium must be
broken down with stomach acid before your body can make use of them — this is why it is recommended that
you take other forms of calcium with meals, when stomach acid levels are high. Because OSTANU is water
soluble, it can be absorbed with or without a meal. OSTANU can also be taken by people who are taking acid
reducing agents such as proton pump inhibitors. Calcium carbonate absorption, by contrast, is reduced in
individuals with low stomach acid.

Calcium citrate enters the blood through both intracellular and paracellular absorption.

All of the previously mentioned forms of supplemental calcium have something in common: They produce
calcium ions when dissolved. Calcium citrate produces these ions when it reacts with water, and calcium
carbonate gives off these ions when they react with stomach acid (hydrochloric acid). The calcium ions move
into the small intestine, where they are actively absorbed into the body by passing through the cells in the
intestinal wall. This is known as intracellular absorption.

Calcium citrate produces not one, but two different calcium delivery vehicles, and each of them uses a
different path into the bloodstream. When dissolved, calcium citrate produces both calcium ions and a calcium citrate complex. The calcium ions are actively absorbed through the intestinal cells, and the calcium
citrate complex actually passes between the cells. This is called paracellular absorption. Calcium citrate
provides both intracellular and paracellular absorption.

OSTANU’s high solubility and its dual absorption mechanism make it highly bioavailable.


VIT. D 3 stimulates intestinal absorption of Calcium . It exerts negative feedback control on the parathyroid
gland through both direct and indirect mechanisms. It directly inhibits parathyroid hormone (PTH) secretion
and indirectly it increases serum Ca which has negative effect on PTH secretion.


Adequate Zinc is required for normal growth and tissue repair. Urinary elimination of Zinc is increased in
osteoporotic women. Zinc depletion is shown to diminish the response of oral VIT. D 3 when administered
orally. Supplementary Zinc not only improves VIT. D 3 response but also helps to arrest bone loss in old
postmenopausal women.


Magnesium supplementation is as important as calcium supplementation in the treatment and prevention of
osteoporosis. It helps the body metabolise calcium and converts dietary vitamin D to an active form.
Magnesium is involved in calcium metabolism, the synthesis of vitamin D, the integrity of skeletal bone-
crystal formation and binding calcium to tooth enamel.


-> Pregnancy and Lactation
-> Osteoporosis
-> Senile Osteoporosis
-> Drug Induced Osteoporosis

1 -2 Tablets a day

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