MYCOPENE Softgel Capsules

MYCOPENE Softgel Capsules
Lycopene 7500 mcg + Adenosylcobalamin 250 mcg + Vitamin A 2500 1.U. + Vitamin C 50 mg + Vitamin E 112
:.U. + Sodium Selenate 25 mcg + Zinc 27.45 mg


Lycopene, the major carotenoid found in the tomato, gives the tomato its typical red color. It is an important
antioxidant with a unique ability to inactivate or “quench” free radicals that can damage our cells.


The main source of Lycopene is tomatoes. Lycopene is also found is smaller quantities in guava, watermelon,
and pink grapefruit.


Carotenoids are a family of naturally occurring compounds found in many plants. Lycopene and beta-
carotene, both found in Redly, are among the major carotenoids that occur in appreciable quantities in
human blood and tissues and are believed to be important to our health and well being.


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