AMALGARD-DSR Capsules are made up of using two Formulations ie Rabeprazole 20 mg + Domperidone 30 mg (Sustained Release). This combination is used to treat acid reflux and heartburn, as well as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), a disorder in which stomach acid backs up into the food pipe (esophagus)

Rabeprazole is a formulation that is used to treat stomach and esophageal issues (such as acid reflux, ulcers). It works by lowering the quantity of acid produced by your stomach. It helps symptoms like heartburn, swallowing difficulties, and a persistent cough. Domperidone is a drug that helps people feel better while they’re sick. It aids in preventing you from feeling or being ill (nausea or vomiting). If you’re receiving end-of-life care, it can also be used to alleviate stomach pain (palliative care). Domperidone is sometimes used to boost milk production.

Best use of AMALGARD-DSR Capsules

  1. For the treatment of acidity and heartburn, you’ve been prescribed Amalgard D 10mg/20mg Tablet.
  2. It should be taken one hour before a meal, ideally first thing in the morning.
  3. It is a well-tolerated drug that provides long-term comfort.
  4. If you have watery diarrhea, a fever, or persistent stomach pain, contact your doctor.
  5. If you don’t feel better after 14 days, consult your doctor because you could be suffering from another problem that needs care.
  6. Long-term use can result in brittle bones and a mineral deficit, such as magnesium. Take calcium and magnesium supplements or calcium and magnesium supplements as directed by your doctor.

Common Side effects of AMALGARD-DSR Capsules 

It’s possible that using Amalgard D 20mg Tablet while pregnant is dangerous. Animal research have demonstrated negative effects on the growing fetus, despite the lack of human studies. It can make you drowsy and dizzy by lowering your alertness, affecting your vision, or making you tired and dizzy. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should not drive. Here are some common side effects of  AMALGARD-DSR Capsules :

  1. Stomach discomfort Diarrhea
  2. Mouth feeling dry
  3. Pain in the head
  4. Feeling dizzy
  5. Irritable bowel syndrome
  6. Deficiency
  7. Symptoms of the flu

INDICATIONS For the use:

AMALGARD-D / DSR is indicated for the relief of symptoms of

i.) Dyspepsia
ii.) GERD
iii.) Nausea associated with acid peptic disorders
iv.) Post-operative nausea and vomiting
v.) Chronic gastritis


One Tablet / Capsule once daily as prescribed by Doctor. AMALGARD-DSR Capsules should be taken without a meal and according to the doctor’s instructions. The dose you receive will be determined by your medical condition and how you react to the medication. You should continue to take this medication for as long as your doctor advises. If you stop taking your medication too soon, your symptoms may return and your condition may deteriorate. Tell your doctor about all other medications you’re taking, as some may interact with or be affected by this one.

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