AMALCAP Suspension

Magaldrate 400 mg + Simethicone 20 mg

AMALCAP reacts chemically to neutralize or buffer existing quantities of stomach acid but have no direct effects on its production. This action increases gastric pH, providing symptomatic relief of hyperacidity.


Magaldrate reacts with gastric acid in stages. The hydroxymagnesium is relatively rapidly converted to magnesium ion and the aluminate to hydrated aluminium hydroxide; the magnesium ion rapidly neutralises or buffers existing acid while the aluminium hydroxide reacts more slowly to give a sustained antacid effect.


Simethicone aids in the dispersion and inhibits formation of “mucus-surrounded” gas bubbles in the gastrointestinal tract. This anti-foam action is exerted by changing the surface tension of the gas bubbles so that they coalesce. This permits escape of trapped gas, which then can be eliminated through belching or though passing flatus via the rectum. Simethicone has been widely investigated and used. It has a rapid action and is non-toxic. Being physiologically inert, it has no effect on digestion and is not absorbed through the gastrointestinal mucosa. Infants have been shown to tolerate simethicone well. By dispersing gas bubble with the anti-flatulent, contact with the gastric antacid is facilitated. Coverage of the mucosa by the antacid and demulcent agents is also improved.


For the symptomatic relief of hyperacidity associated with the diagnosis of:

Peptic ulcer


Reflux oesophagitis

Gastric hyperacidity


5 mL to 10 mL taken 3 to 4 times a day, administered between meals and at bedtime, or as directed by a doctor.

Use in children – Not recommended in children under 6 years of age unless, directed by a doctor.

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